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     I would like to introduce myself. I'm game developer from Czech Republic, Prague. I'm no newbie in game development industry, I've quite few years of experience as a senior artist in making AAA titles, like ARMA2, ARMA or truck sims. namely German truck simulator or Eurotrucks Simulator 2.

     But I always wanted to make a games, which will be entirely my idea. That's why, I started on my personal project TAURRIS. I'm realist and I know, that I cannot compete with other AAA titles and that I need to make smaller games. That's the reason why I chose as my first Indie game a genre of „shoot'em'up“ game. Games, which I enjoyed so much, in my childhood. You will surely remember games like Xenon or Tyrian. These are great examples of pure gameplay and fun and this is the point from where I want to continue and evolve my game further.

     But all this, will be revealed in the future, if it goes as I wish.


Václav Mazaný