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Campaign is on and we're still kickin'

Published by vaclav.mazany on Út, 05/08/2012 - 22:58 in
Boss fight scene

Just to give a bit of update, Indiegogo.com campaign is already on and there are already 2 contributors. It's not that much yet, but atleast something to start with ! But it's just a beginning and I hope, that it will turn out well.

Now back to the game itself, as I said I needed to optimize a bit the Boss scene, to be able run it smoothly on mobile devices. So this is how it turned out. I had to made the nebulaes a bit simpler, but on the contrary I added lens effects.

Now the scene is almost complete. I have to implement the player now and some other mechanisms, so it will be fun. This was actually what was taking the longest, but it's about 60% done. So hopefully next update will be with this scene DONE.

I'm thinking about posting a playable demo of this Boss fight part #1 on web. So stay tuned.

Big Boss WIP

Published by vaclav.mazany on Út, 05/01/2012 - 21:29 in

This time, I have a work in progress video of a BBBig boss , that you'll encounter on your voyage across the space :)
Right now, it's only a sneak peak, without any turrets, enemies. Only the big Boss is there, as I was just working on the surrounding scene and the Boss itself. Hope you like it.

The fight should be separated into 2 stages. One is that your closing to the huge battleship and trying to avoid its projectiles. Second one is already a battle with the enemy, where you try to destroy all that's necessary to blow the Boss apart.

See how it looks for yourself on Youtube.com