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Wings Of Vengeance Steam Greenlight - Vote for us !

Published by vaclav.mazany on Pá, 02/06/2015 - 17:04 in

Finally we’re going public on Steam Greenlight !

Vote for us !

Wings of Vengeance Steam Greenlight


Steam Greenlight : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=387269331




What we do ?

We come, therefore, with our first work which is called Wings Of Vengeance.

This game is based on a classic shooter from left to right and from right to left, as known 8bit computer games. However, we use the latest technologies and our goal is to achieve an amazing gaming experience as was mentioned 8 bit computer, but in a new look, with new technologies.

Wings Of Vengeance is something between old 8 bit game based on new Unity technology with brilliant graphic and awesome action game play.

You fight as a helicopter pilot against a rising threat and all episodes finish with a hard battle with insane BOSS. The goal is simple, defeat enemies and save civilians.

The future of the islands is in your hands!

Features :

  • Unique episodes and fantastic missions

  • Action filled game play

  • Helicopter and weapon upgrades and customizations

  • Unique types of helicopters to choose from

  • Beautiful art and ingame models

  • Lot`s of demolitions and explosions

  • Awesome boss fights

  • Addictive arcade game play

  • Every episode in different look with 8 levels

  • Impressive guitar music, (soundtrack)

We're developing the game for desktop & mobiles, we’re also considering consoles.


Lack of updates & INDIEGOGO

Published by vaclav.mazany on Ne, 04/15/2012 - 18:18 in

Just to clarify, that I'm still alive :) and still working on Codename : STARSHOOTER.
The reason, for the lack of updates is right now, I decided that I will try my luck on Indiegogo.com

So, basicaly I'm preparing the campaing, images, perks, rewards and so on to be able to compete amongst all the great projects out there. Hopefully I'll be able to raise funds for completing this project. My main goal is that, I'll be able to focus on this project FULL TIME. Because right now, I'm making this game only in my spare time, so you can imagine, that it can take really long this way.
So stay tuned, as I will post more info about the campaing & this project.

Codename : Starshooter previde video

Published by vaclav.mazany on Ne, 04/08/2012 - 16:30 in

Today I'm launching first of many(I hope so) videos about the development of this Indie Game.

Follow it on Youtube.com

First Post

Published by vaclav.mazany on So, 04/07/2012 - 15:53 in

Today, the Taurris.com website was launched !
Here you will hopefully find news about projects, screenshots, videos and more.
Hope you will Like Us !